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Commercial Energy Efficiency

Energy is more than a just a line item cost on a bill you blindly pay each month. Shrinking margins, increased overhead, sweeping environmental and social concerns, and innovations in technologies are all reasons you need to start thinking about your energy strategy. Our energy experts can help you reduce cost, manage risk, create new value and even improve your brand image.


Energy Supply 

We shop our established network of over 30 suppliers, to find the best products, prices and terms based on your specific needs. We can structure your deal based on an array of fixed, indexed, or blended rate pricing options in order to ensure your risk is managed in a way that best suits your business. 

Small - Medium Businesses 

Why shop suppliers one at a time? Take advantage of our energy brokerage services. In addition to a complete and complimentary energy expense audit, we shop our established network of over 30 suppliers to find the best products, prices and terms. Our suppliers bid to win your business and we structure and present options that include an array of rate programs in order to ensure your budget and risk is managed in a way that best suits your business.

Custom Pricing

 Not every commercial business is the same and we believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits all energy strategy. In addition to bidding out your energy supply, Diversegy energy experts will work with you to ensure your deal structure makes sense. We negotiate the terms, tenure and price plan options, including: 

  • Fixed Price
  • Index Price
  • Block & Index (Hybrid) Price

 Large Commercial/Industrial Opportunities Wholesale

 In the past, wholesale buying was reserved for, and the exclusive domain of large retail suppliers. However, energy markets are opening to large end-use consumers seeking to cut unnecessary energy overhead. Today you purchase energy on the retail market; either directly from your local utility company or from a third-party supplier. Imagine buying your energy directly from the grid. 


Commercial and residential municipalities and other large buying groups, like apartment complexes seek bids from suppliers in an effort to lower their energy supply rates. These large groups possess large economies of scale and buying power, giving them leverage to achieve greater savings than an individual can achieve alone.